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Event Highlight

Taiwan Study Tour 2017

Posted 23 Nov, 2017


The six-days Taiwan Study Tour was successfully held in Oct this year. It was very fruitful that students gained good insights into the health system and health services management in Taiwan as well as meeting a group of friends from the healthcare sector. We are sure this trip would be memorable to them.

Visit to St. Paul Hospital 

Posted 6 Sep, 2017

We are glad that our students has given the valuable chance to visit St. Paul Hospital, one of the top private hospitals in Hong Kong. The innovative systems and technology have given them new vision and ideas, and well-equipped them to be the future leaders in health services management.  

Visit to North Lantau Hospital 

Posted Sep, 2017

The visit to North Lantau Hospital has broadened the horizons of students towards the hospitals under HA, which has inspired them to think more on health services planning, technology management as well as the challenges management.

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