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Alumni Network

MScHSM's core legacy is its alumni.

Knowledge acquired, friends met and bonds formed while they were studying in our programme, will be with them throughout their lifetime.


To show great respect to our teachers and the programme, generation of alumni demonstrates their love and support in different ways - organising thank you dinner, sharing in our information session as well as mentoring students within the programmes, etc.


We also offer support to our alumni like:

- Career advice and counselling

- Upgrade on the knowledge of health services management

- Experiential learning opportunities, e.g. overseas study visit

Support Lifelong Growth and Learning

Alumni are welcome to sit in lectures,  after they have graduated from the programme to have a life-long continuous learning.
If you are interested, please apply HERE and read the notes before submission.
System For Health Seminars
Honorary Speakers from both overseas and region are invited to deliver lectures and seminars regularly.

We welcome alumni and students to join.

Overseas Study Tour


Study Tour is organised from time to time so that students and alumni could have a chance to explore the planning and healthcare facilities all over the world.

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