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Alumni Voices

The CUHK HSM has been making continuous efforts in establishing an active alumni network in Hong Kong. Here, we have professors and alumni of different professions from healthcare sectors, which allows latest information and knowledge exchange, friendship building and mentorship guidance among them. It keeps equipping our healthercare leaders with Hong Kong focus and global vision. 

1_WONG, Cheuk Ling Shirley.JPG

Dr. Shirley Wong

Associate Consultant, Tuen Mun Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2023, MScHSM

The MScHSM course at CUHK is designed to propel you to the next stage of your career in healthcare management. The programme builds knowledge through a rigorous curriculum, and offers the privilege of being taught and mentored by esteemed professors and healthcare leaders. 

One of the most transformative aspects of this experience has been the shift in my perspective. As a doctor transitioning into the role of a healthcare manager, I have learned to view things from a more macroscopic standpoint. Through implementing my final year project, I gained hands-on experience in designing and evaluating quality improvement initiatives, as well as developing staff engagement strategies. 

Overall, completing the MScHSM has been an incredibly rewarding journey – one that has not only enriched my knowledge and skill set, but also equipped me with the confidence and outlook to take the next step forward. 

CHENG Hiu Ki_Photo.jpg

Ms. Niki Cheng

Hospital Manager, Hospital Authority 

Class of 2023 MScHSM

A thought-provoking programme that one shouldn’t miss The programme is well tailor-made to equip students with a quick overview of different facets of the healthcare industry, ranging from the macro level of health policy and financing of the city to the micro level of operation and financial management of any healthcare institutions’ routine operations.

The most precious gain is the management mindset learnt from our Professors which definitely broadens my mind by standing on the shoulders of giants. Theoretical knowledge can be easily attained with hard work but the mindsets and real-life examples shared by professors would take years of time to internalize and walk the talk. Although we hold different positions in this industry, it’s essential for us to reflect on what roles we are playing, how we complement each other to create positive synergy and how we can make a difference and drive beneficial changes to our society.

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to all Professors, programme coordinators and my fellow comrades who are indispensable in my fruitful learning journey!


Dr. Tom Ho

Manager, Quality & Safety Division, Hospital Authority Head Office

Class of 2022, MScHSM

“A Programme with Great Expectations”

I joined the MScHSM programme at the recommendation of Dr Thomas Chung, my then supervisor when seconded to the Department of Health. It was fabulous advice indeed.

In this highly interactive programme, professors provide didactic teaching and experiential learning opportunity essential for general health workers to transform into healthcare managers. As a newcomer to the corporate head office, I consider all courses highly relevant to my work, with more than a handful of them being truly inspirational.

Given the diverse backgrounds of the class, it is true that not all of us would eventually take up full-time management positions. Some, after a glimpse of the “dark side” (a parody often brought up by Prof CT Hung), would rather remain at the frontline of medical and social services. However, just as Prometheus would defy Zeus and bring fire and civilization to mankind, our passionate teachers – all veteran managers and senior executives – are more than determined to pass us their torches.

“I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape”. Are you ready?

Kenneth Lee.jpg

Mr. Kenneth Lee

Executive Officer,

Hospital Authority Head Office

Class of 2021, MScHSM

Taking the MScHSM course was a demanding yet rewarding and satisfying learning experience for me. From the inspirational sharing of experienced healthcare leaders, I developed a more broad-based understanding on different aspects of healthcare management in both academic and practical aspects. Through the completion of group projects and individual assessments, I managed to deepen my learning by reflecting on how the knowledge and skills learnt from the course could be applied to address real-life management problems in healthcare settings. Joining the course also gave me a valuable opportunity to meet and make friends with classmates of different professional background. MScHSM course certainly helped me to broaden my horizon and pave the way for my career development in the field of health services management.

kenneth 2.jpg

Mr. Kenneth Lui

System Analyst,

Information Technology and Health Informatics Division,

Hospital Authority Head Office


Class of 2020, MScHSM

Coming from a non-healthcare background in my undergraduate studies, I joined HSM to learn more about the complex health system and healthcare organizations. HSM achieved exactly that. The programme content ranged from big picture like health financing and health economics to detailed topics like quality and safety and medical-legal and allowed me to think about healthcare from multiple perspectives. I also enjoyed the overseas study trip to Netherlands, where we learnt a lot about elderly care and a health system revolution leading to many innovations. Coincidentally, I am transferring to the Artificial Intelligence Section shortly after completing HSM. I believe the experience and knowledge gained in HSM has prepared me to bridge the gap between clinical needs and technology in my upcoming role. Lastly, I would like to thank all Professors, programme staff and fellow classmates for the fruitful experience.


Ms. Moria Lam

Speech Therapist,

Tuen Mun Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2019, MScHSM

Pursuing studies in Health Services Management proved to be an incredible reward experience for me. With a team of experienced and dedicated professors and lecturers, I am well inspired and stimulated in the field of healthcare delivery in both academic and practical ways. Group projects and site visits were all fun and useful. Joining studies in Health Services Management programme should be your optimum and effective solution too!

Josephine Chung_v1.jpg

Ms. Josephine Chung

Department Operation Manager (Nursing),

Prince of Wales Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2018, MScHSM

This program is very useful. Professors and speakers had excellent experiences in the field of public healthcare and hospital management. Through imparting real world experiences in healthcare management by them, they speed up my learning curve in the new managerial role and have made me a more competent front-line manager.

Dick Ngan.jpg

Mr. Dick Ngan

Advance Practice Nurse, A&OT,

Tseung Kwan O hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2018, MScHSM

"Do what is right, now what is easy"

MScHSM is an inspirational course that revamps the concept of Leadership and Management in healthcare. The course is well-structured and the interactive sharing among professors and classmates is vivid and valuable. It is not an easy course but should be the right one for healthcare management development.

Wing Lam_edited.jpg

Ms. Wing Lam

Nurse Manager, 
Nursing Quality and Safety & Service Development, 
Central Nursing Division, 
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2023, MScHSM

This program has been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Learning from experienced professors and dedicated lecturers inspired me to broaden my mindset and develop my competency in healthcare leadership and management. Their passion motivated me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my studies that applied to my working place. The interactive nature of the program was another highlight. Through collaborative discussions and group projects, I had the opportunity to form meaningful connections with classmates who shared ambition and drive with each other. These connections not only provided a supportive environment but also served as a platform for constructive idea exchange. 

Moreover, the program delved into crucial areas such as human resource management and complaint handling in the healthcare sectors. Through in-depth study and analysis, I gained valuable insights into managing staff and effectively addressing complaints within healthcare organizations. 

Joining the Master of Health Service Management program has been a valuable and nurturing experience for me. The knowledge and skills I acquired have not only shaped my professional growth but have also prepared me to pursue leadership and management roles in the healthcare sector. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities provided by this program, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to prospective students who aspire to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare.

Pang Chi Tak.png

Dr. Michael Pang

Specialist in Emergency Medicine

Class of 2022, MScHSM

It is certainly the most satisfying and enjoyable learning experience in my post-graduation years. The teachers are experts in the field, equipped me with the state of the art knowledge and mentality in healthcare management. The master course also opened my eyes and deepened my perspective in modern day healthcare system leadership.

No doubt the best master course of the subject.


Ms. Cally Chau

Health Informatics Analyst, Hospital Authority Head Office

Class of 2022, MScHSM

Pursing this course is truly a rewarding and eye-opening experience for me.  Thanks to the well-structured curriculum and interactive class sessions, I was provided with precious opportunities to learn from industry leaders, experienced professors and classmates with diversified professional backgrounds.  Not only did this course equip me with the enriched skill sets as well as enhanced knowledge, it also laid a solid foundation for my future career development in health services management.

Byran Cheng.jpg

Dr. Bryan Cheng

Associate Consultant,

United Christian Hospital, Hospital Authority​

Class of 2021, MScHSM

This master course has greatly enriched my understanding in health service management. Now I view healthcare from a wider perspective. From global to local environment, from corporate governance to frontline management, this course equipped us with the knowledge and confidence to face any clinical or management challenges. No matter if you are a clinical or non-clinical staff, manager or junior levels, you would all learn a lot from this course.

Jeff Hung.jpg

Mr. Jeff Hung

Executive Officer,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hospital Authority​

Class of 2021, MScHSM

This programme has provided me with interesting but practical sharing from professors who has previously worked in high management of health service sector. As a member at the healthcare sector with non-medical background, I found this sharing impactful which connects the theoretical knowledge and real-world situation. I believe that the acquired knowledge has facilitated our reflection as frontline manager, so that we could perform well as a gear in the complex health system. It has been a busy and demanding study journey but you will find it fruitful with precious take-home messages. Sincere Thanks to our Professors for their guidance, programme staffs for their coordination and fellow classmates for their support and sharing.

Chan Yin Man.jpg

Ms. Yvonne Chan

Hospital Administrator,

Administrative Services Division,

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2020, MScHSM

Taking this course is one of the best decisions I have made. It is not just about the practical knowledge and skills I gained, but also the inspiration from professors and classmates. Healthcare management is both art and science, and a lifelong learning. MScHSM helped me develop a new mindset and equipped me to embrace this exciting journey of healthcare management.

Vivian Lu.jpg

Dr. Vivien Lu

Associate Consultant,

Hospital Authority

Class of 2019, MScHSM

Studying CUHK HSM is an exciting and challenging journey. I enjoyed learning from knowledgeable and experienced professors and working with classmates from various background. I was inspired to see things from new levels and different perspectives. It takes hard work but is definitely a rewarding experience.

Cindy Tam.jpg

Dr. Cindy Tam

Private Psychiatrist,

Private Clinic

Class of 2019, MScHSM

Expensive course fee

Exhausting homework and assessment

Extensive topics and comprehensive curriculum

Extremely inspirational discussions and sharing

Exciting study tour

Experienced, knowledgeable professors and instructors

Enthusiastic supervision, participation and interaction

Altogether: Excellent and rewarding learning experiences!

Dr. Kenny Yuen_v2.JPG

Dr. Kenny Yuen

Hospital Chief Executive,

Tseung Kwan O and Haven of Hope Hospitals, Hospital Authority

Class of 2018, MScHSM

A Master Course that "Connected with the Reality" and "Practical". A valuable learning opportunity that we can share experience and viewpoint with teachers and classmates from different professional background. The acquired management knowledge is truly applicable. Busy yet Worthy.


Ms. Josie Chan

Registered Nurse,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, MScHSM

The program is comprehensive and well designed.  It aims to equip us with all the knowledge and skills for taking up the leadership role in health care sectors with competence. All the teachers are enthusiastic and prestigious. It is really a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for me in this program.

Joy Yip.png

Ms. Joy Yip

​Hospital Administrator,

Planning and Commissioning, North District Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, MScHSM

It has been a valuable experience in studying the Health Services Management Programme. My knowledge and vision have been enriched with the learning and interactions with dedicated professors and classmates. The two-year part-time training is both academically and practically beneficial.

Jack Ng.jpg

Mr. Jack Ng


Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, PgDHSM

After working for several years as a frontline optometrist, I decided to take this programme to enhance my management knowledge for personal development. The lecturers of this programme are leaders in healthcare sectors who are very experienced and knowledgeable. The course content was not only inspiring but also highly relevant to my current work. I recommend this programme to anyone who would like to develop a career in health services management.

Timothy TSO_v1.jpg

Mr. Timothy Tso


Medical Professional Services LTD

Class of 2015, MScHSM

Being both a healthcare professional and a businessman who provides health services, HSM programme widens my career vision and facilitates my growth further in the field. I learnt to be a "leader" rather than just a "manager" of a company.

Cinder Chan.JPG

Ms. Cinder Chan

Senior Manager, Quality,

Safety & Risk Management,

Gleneagles Hong Kong

Class of 2014, MScHSM

Studying this course does not only enrich my knowledge, but the interactive teaching method enables me to learn a lot of practice experiences from multidisciplinary classmates. It's indeed wonderful to meet talented classmates here.

Kwong Yau CHAN (Dr. KY Chan)_v1.png

Dr. KY Chan


Kwong Wah Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2013, MScHSM

Demanding yet rewarding, of balanced depth and comprehensiveness, it exposes clinical doctors to a new horizon.

Yung Kam Yee.png

Ms. Ashley Yung

Advanced Practice Nurse,

Kwong Wah Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2015, MScHSM

This master course has been a truly interactive and inspirational program.

The curriculum focuses on enriching its students' competency in the health services management sector and is truly a wonderful program that provides broad management perspectives and also the skills necessary to assume effective leadership in public health practices.

Student Voice_Lawrence CHEUNG_1.jpg

Mr. Lawrence Cheung

Senior Manager, Health Services Department, AIA International Limited

Class of 2014, MScHSM

This master program gave me many opportunities to learn from and be mentored by very talented professionals who specialized in Health Services Management.

Pauline POON_v1.JPG

Ms. Pauline Poon

Senior Physiotherapist,

Hospital Authority

Class of 2013, MScHSM

Be prepared that there is a fairly heavy workload, nevertheless, it's a great experience to meet people coming from different backgrounds and to make new friends, they are there to support you and to make you feel like part of the team.

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